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Posted by on 2004 Apr 12 |

All the booze that’s fit to scoop

(306 Skullcleaver 375)

Another day of war passes us, and another day of mild skirmishes interspersed with long periods of waiting and short periods of mass deaths. Riverhaven is all but back in the Baron’s control.. though the west gate still has a nasty little barricaded set up. Multiple sources confirm that Raenilar has set sail aboard the Ornery Wench. There’s three school of thought on that subject…
The Black Pearls under the leadership of Belderaj, (in control for Ocelott) set up shop at the Acenamacra Pier and waited for signs of incoming Outcasts. Whilst the Zoluren navy sallied aboard her ships. The waiting ensued, and as yet we still have no clear direction in which to expect the enemy ships to land. Conjecture lends to the obvious, which would be Raenilar and his group of smarmy Outcsts will land in Leth and make thier way South to make good on the promise he gave the Ferdahl. There is, however, the rumor that they will set ship in Arthe in order to lend aid to Grishnok and Jomay, then use the ample numbers of Moonmages they have with them to gate South and finish thier march.

A recent third rumor hints that Jourok has a private cove he can land in somewhere near the Southern Trade Route and that might be where the Outcasts will land.

Zoluren stands ready, supplied, and motivated. May the 13 bless us. I’m gonna head back downstairs and finish my brandy for the evening.