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Posted by on 2004 Feb 11 |

Pokekehepi Beach: A Mysterious Warrior

(64 Ka’len 375)

Recently while sitting with a group of Shardonites at the Adan’f “safe spot”, I had a moon mage predict my future out of boredom and curiosity. It was the same mage who had done such before, and today his prediction produced this vision:You see a heavily tanned Human grappling with a pair of armored warklin, an arm wrapped around the neck of each. A low growl rumbles from the Human, slowly growing in volume until the very air around him reverberates with its power. Paralyzing the pair in a solid headlock, the man issues a violent twist which snaps each of the warklins necks with a bone-crunching “CRACK!” They each twitch briefly, then cease all movement. His heavy mantle of thick black hair streaming behind him in the wind, the man stands quietly at ease, indifferent to the carcasses lying at his feet.

A barbarian myself, this wouldn’t have been so surprising, or too terribly interesting if this weren’t the second time I’d seen this man in my future. Now I’m curious to know his name. A prior glimpse into my future revealed this same tanned Human with long black hair standing over the corpse of a Retan Dolomar on a beach. It wasn’t too hard to discover the location being that of Pokekehepi beach. I know nothing of the island beach, and less than nothing about this obviously skilled fighter. Please, if anyone has any information on this mysterious warrior, seek me out in Ilithi or leave a message with the bartender for me.

~M. K.


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.