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Posted by on 2004 Apr 8 |

Riverhaven and Lagenfirth flying Outcast Flags

(293 Skullcleaver 375)

News has reached the Crossing, unconfirmed through any official means, that Riverhaven and at least Langenfirth have fallen and the Outcast flag has been raised over them.

There are barricades, made of stone, all around Langenfirth. There are dead bodies all over the Crossing and the Northern Trade Route.Riverhaven has more dead than alive at the moment, and I have not heard how things are faring beyond these small things.

Here in the Crossing, we are hoping that the Prince’s new seige equipment will be enough to make the difference.

But Raenilar’s hordes are still far away. To our friends in Riverhaven, do not give up hope, we have heard the reports and there are those who are trying to find aid.