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Posted by on 2004 Apr 11 |

Riverhaven Still Struggles

(304 Skullcleaver 375)

Outcast armies still wait deployment in Riverhaven as they load troops and supplies aboard ships in the harbor.

The temple, the gates, and the docks are heavily fortified and patrolled. A few brave souls have dared the streets. Many have died.

And Riverhaven is not a good place in which to die these days.The temple is guarded so heavily that it is instant death to anyone who departs and tries to get out of the temple.

Outcast leaders have been letting Therengian and Zoluren folks retrieve the dead, but it has not been easy, nor timely.

Nobody knows why they tarry so in Riverhaven. But Grishnok has already stated that he intends to hold Riverhaven after the Outcasts leave.

The Outcasts continue to say they have no interest in Zoluren, and are headed to Shard. But there are only a few places they can make port while headed to Ilithi. And they are both in Zoluren.

The other night, I heard the Prince confirm his position that he does not intend to sit idly by while Outcasts move on Ilithi.

Times are uneasy all over. Will it be Arthe Dale or, the more likely port, Leth Deriel, where the Outcasts land to march on Ilithi?