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Posted by on 2004 Mar 24 |

The WATCHERS appear in Theren

(231 Arhat 375)

I first met the WATCHER in Theren. As a member of the Guard, it’s one of my duties to ensure Citizens, and visitors to our beloved province come to no harm. I was asked by Ambassador Athiana to intercede a friend of mine, Callyste to settle a small matter of conscience. While speaking to Callyste about the matter, she introduced me to the WATCHER Chaaya.Chaaya wore a nightsilk cloak to conceal her image, and spoke always in the third party. Her request was simple enough. “We seek council with the new Baron of Therengia, to offer our services.” (She had appeared a few days before Baron Jeraldic walked the Starry Road. And warned him of his possible demise if he did not adhear to her cautions for his well being.”) To this day no word has been given as to how the Baron walked.

Chaaya claims to be an agent of the Five Trusted ones. She spoke in riddles to make any Bard sing silly.

In the days of old. Many did stand a man amoung his men. He walked in truth, for this be told, with a witness at his hand. His fate be won by those that saw, when evil set his hand. We watch as fire took his land, and stood never more.

Send thee three of fate, and strength they took from old to new. From Barons lands it was struck in stone we watch, and always knew.

This sent the history buffs digging deep into thier chronicles. I was so intrigued by this soul, that I pressed on with my inquiries. Her vague answers, and obscure mannerisms tested my patience. Albeit, she also fascinated my curiosity. What could I learn from her? What could i learn about her? It was not long before the Commander of the Guards appeared, Andragon. I briefed him on the spot, and he then began a dialogue with the WATCHER Chaaya. Soon our little band of six, were on our way to the Barons table to see Ambassador Athiana. (I choose to leave out some names, because I do not know if they wish to be identified at this time.)

This tiny council discussed many things. We learned about a tapestry of old. Andragon, and Ambassador Athiana were skeptical on many things. Thier knowledge of ancient history directed most of the path of the council. I was dispatched to travel the lands of the Realms, and learn all I could about Chaaya, the WATCHERS, and the Five Trusted Ones. If others like her could be found, or named. A big order for a Young Elven Ranger. I accepted immediatly. Tuck.