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Posted by on 2004 Apr 9 |

Therengia Cut Off, Occupied

(293 Skullcleaver 375)

It is with great sorrow that I report that Warrior King Raenilar’s flag now flies over all of Therengia. The Baron is safe with General Amlach in a secluded cabin. He was able to gweth a short message to the people late last night.

This was the situation there at last report.

There are at least two Raenilar Divisions stationed outside the gate of Therenborough making it a death trap to leave or enter there. There are at least three Stone barricades scattered throughout the Langenfirth area. Langenfirth seems to be under the control of this brother of the Gypsy King named Saeward. He is not with the Outcasts, but it taking advantage of this situation to take some power.

The Barge was cut loose and is no longer useable. The piers are barricaded off so travel from Lang to Haven is by moongate only.

Rossman’s has been occupied and the river is blocked with more enemy troops. I have no word of Lord Nicoly who rules – ruled – for the Baron in Rossman’s.

Riverhaven is heavily occupied with many troops in the Temple preventing people from departing. Last night if reports were correct, Outcast priests were forcing people to depart. As well as Yhaman assassinating any Elothean he could find.

Soim was able to sneak into Riverhaven and scout the forces. He told us, “Crossing I bring word on enemy forces… I snuck in and out of Riverhaven. I surveyed the enemy. I counted several divisions, companies and units. I counted 8000 soldiers… all rated at 70th Barb level. Thats in Riverhaven alone.”

These Outcasts are killing anyone that is not very skilled – Pormithius said this on the gweth and he is a 90+ moonie that kills almost anything.

Leandrae, Dulcinie, Gallanthur, and Mirkath were all trapped up there last night, but we were able to rescue them. Thanks to Digmo for gating and Zozuskar’s ranger friend for running the trails to bypass the enemy forces on the NTR near Dirge. If any of the folks that were up there last night have time to send in their impressions please do so.

A conversation was monitored between the Votary Wyren and Egolan, one of “King” Raenilar’s companions, and now sporting the title Viceroy. Below is what followed of that, on River Road East in Riverhaven.

Egolan said, “Perhaps, however when it is done, then it will be as it should have been. We have no intentions for Zoluren. We will however pass through. The Goblin and Pirate were paid for a service. They have their own intentions, it does not concern us. Our home was taken from us. We will advocate peace, once our home has been reclaimed.”

Sammee used his ranger talk on the wind Beseech, to which Wyren replied, “Well, commander Sammee… my intentions are different. I will find you. And those that killed my two brothers.” he pulled a shining gaharzen from inside his wand belt. “As am I for you,” and put his gaharzen away.

Someone, I don’t know who, was thoughtcasting to Egolan.

Egolan asked, “Noble? What is noble, sir? This is survival. In the deserts, there is only survival. We come home to claim what is ours.”

“Honor?” he continued speaking to the unknown query, “Where was the honor of your Morganae, or Corik when the drove our people off our own lands? Unlike them, we will allow them to remain… under -our- rule.”

Wyren shook his head, “Now commander, no need for personal insults.”

Egolan was not done with his lecture, however. “Your Prince is soft and weak. He will not stand the face of our storm. I am Egolan of the desert and we will return home.”

Egolan told his magical audience, “As I said, we mean no destruction to Zoluren. We will pass through like the desert storm. Fate will see. Once we are home, then yes, peace.” He added with a smile, “But we will return home.”

It was Wyren’s turn to talk again, “Morganae will not commit to the battle. She will remain in her mountain. You will find it true.”

Egolan concluded, “Remember this… nothing can stop the sand storms.”

Egolan nodded to Wyren who gestured at a shadowy mirror. A shadowy mirror shuddered and split into a thousand shards that quickly melted away.

Unfortunately these words regarding Zoluren may no longer be the case.

Nishu was in Riverhaven and did damage to Yhaman with a backstab. Nishu died because he had lost his ethereal shield and Yhaman used Chain Lightning on him. Nishu told me that “a commander” told him we were at war with the desert people. Or this is just Nishu covering his ass.

Anlise received a report that after this Yhaman was on the gweth to his “Aman” – which means blood brother so is one of their people – telling them that a Zoluren officer had attacked him. And that Zoluren officers found in Therengia would not be given save passage.

~Commander Candidus Custos

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.