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Posted by on 2004 Mar 28 |

This Week’s Events

(248 Moliko 375)

Only a bit of news trickles to me here in the Crossing, but since there have been no detailed reports of the events on all the fronts of this war here at the Wren’s Nest, let me record what I have heard.

Several of our Zoluren Commanders went to Shard for an undisclosed mission in coordination with the Ilithi units. Our commanders Galain, Sammee and Scandi accompanied the Ferdahl home, with Commander Anlise for triage support. They were to work with Commander Daxlynn of Ilithi.Grishnok and Jourok heated up the action near Shard and south of it with repeated forays. Our units, as well as Ilithi’s best, suffered hard under archers, mammoths, dancers, and more. It occurred nearly daily.

In a particularly dastardly attempt to get Provincial defenders to withdraw, Jourok captured Commander Daxlynn. They said that they would allow Jomay to have her way with the Commander unless the forces withdrew.

Commander Daxlynn, thankfully, was rescued, and whatever illegal and awful thing Jomay had perpetrated upon her was cleared up.

Near the same time, Alamgir and cohorts were doing their worst in Therenborough, where the Baron’s troops held despite formidable enemy actions. They attacked several days.

In Zoluren, the Cavalry routed some orc forces south of the ferry, down near the docks south of Leth Deriel, in caves near the Gash north of the Gondola, and in the Forest of the Night.

Pirates keep attempting to board and take the Nissa, the newest of Zoluren’s fleet, docked in Arthe Dale, and there have been concerted attempts to defend her when enemies have surrounded not only the ship, but around the Dale, too.

And in Riverhaven, the Lord Mayor Bressail was struck down and kidnapped. I have no further information on that, but pray that the very competant Therengian units were able to affect his rescue by this time.

It is time to go into full war-time procedures, I fear. And carry many favors.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.