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Posted by on 2005 Dec 6 |

A Young Cleric, and a missing Prince

(311 Skullcleaver 381)

Dear Friends:

It has been many days since you have heard from me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still keep an eye on things. Recently an item has come my way that warrants recording, and concern.

Apparently Prince Vorclaf is missing. This was told to a young guildmate of mine by the name of Behiru, a shy young Elothean girl. Apparently he was taken by pirates off the coast of Hara’Jaal. Attempts have been made to find him via locate, but the said attempts were not altogether successful.
I hope he is rescued soon: Zoluren needs him. The provinces cannot afford to lose yet another ruler on top of at least one assassination and a war, especially not with the Mountain Queen eying Leth Deriel.

By my hand, Ryeka Wolfsdaughter of Damaris