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Posted by on 2006 Feb 13 |

Carwu Aloreto: An announcement

(196 Uthmor 382)

A chubby human boy runs into the Tavern and then stops, trying to walk casually. He looks to be no more than fifteen, maybe sixteen. He walks over to the bar and waits for Barresh to come over.

“Ello, dere Sir,” he says, grinning and revealing the chipped front tooth he proudly sports. “M’names Gommerandell n’ I’m supposen ta make an announcement fer the lighten’ finger’d lady. Kin I post it up right here in ter bar?”
Without waiting for an answer, he pulls out a grubby and well worn parchment that has been folded into the smallest square possibly. The dirty nail-bitten fingers unfurl it and hold it flat for Barresh to read and approve.

“Please be informed that the tourneyment known as Carwu Aloreto is to be held in four anduwen from this date, at Gaethrend’s Court. The time to attend is approximately 9:30 Elven Standard.

This tournament is not for the weak of heart. This will be for the hand of a fair Elven lady, who seeks a potential husband. Contestants must be of Elven or outstanding Human heritage, and needless to say, male.

Contestants will be judged on a variety of skills, including a questionairre and combat. Winning any one of these categories doesn’t guarantee your winning, and losing does not guarantee your loss. You will be judged by a panel of fine women, and the audience is requested to help them come to proper conclusions.”

[NOTE: This event is being held Friday, February 17th at 9:30 eastern in Gaethrend’s Court. All are invited to attend]