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Posted by on 2014 Mar 12 |

A Winter’s View

A Winter’s View

(33 Nissa 411, Crossing, Zoluren)

Winter’s cold arrived this week on our window pane. It obscures my clear view of the street outside while I wait, while I watch, for him to come home. I clear it in the morning, but before I sleep, it is back again. Sometimes I see shadows moving, and I close my eyes and listen closely for him. But no, he is still far away.

I know he is safe, working out a plan, a path, “recon” he will smile at me and tell me not to worry.

But the bed is empty, and it is winter;  no amount of blankets helps the chill at night.

I will carve again tomorrow, to pass the time. Wrenfirth keeps me company as my music grows more melancholy. My sweet little songbird will try to coax me to sing with her. But the only heart is in the songs of longing.

The window’s chill echoes the shadow that touches my heart these nights of waiting. Lanterns are only a colored glow that offer no warm to the cold of the evenings.

“Bring him home safe, Master. Wrap shadows to hide him from harm. Send my kiss on a breeze that warms his skin.” She blows a kiss out the window with a breath that thaws a thin spot in the frosty ice. Crystals creep back to recover their briefly lost territory and she watches them without moving.

Dreamheart Delaevan-Forestwolf

Dreamheart, owner of the Wren’s Nest Tavern, is a bardess in Zoluren presently. Telling the stories of the people and history of the Realm is her life’s work.