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Posted by on 2013 May 26 |

One Last Thing Before the Grand Re-Opening

One Last Thing Before the Grand Re-Opening

The last thing Baresh and I need to have ready for the Grand Re-Opening of the Tavern is an honored place for the Scrolls of Remembrances.

There are two old ones, and we will start a new one. These are some of the most precious documents we have here. People have tearfully written down the name of someone they cherished, others have scrawled a name as a last hurled insult in a hard-won victory. Families have shared their loss here with everyone in poignant moments, and we have all smirked together when a particularly villainous person was added.

Perhaps the entryway, where everyone sees them? But would they be exposed to too much inclement weather there? Perhaps in a prominent spot behind there bar where they could not be missed? But would everyone have access to them? Would either of these places be private enough for people to run a finger over the name and remember?

And so this decision weighs upon me now – where to put them.


Dreamheart Delaevan-Forestwolf

Dreamheart, owner of the Wren’s Nest Tavern, is a bardess in Zoluren presently. Telling the stories of the people and history of the Realm is her life’s work.