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Posted by on 2013 May 14 |

Singing On The Stage – in Zoluren!

Recently I had the honor of opening a concert for the Tavern Troupe at Zoluren’s only stage, the lovely¬†Yulugri Wala Venue in Arthe Dale.

As I stood back stage, I could only imagine how thrilled Prince Vorclaf would have been to see a stage operating in the Province.

It is a beautiful, modern building with all the best technology and magic available. It holds a very large crowd, and from stage, the lighting is so bright I could not even see who was in the front row! Arthe Dale must be very proud of the new complex. There’s both a bar and a smoking room.

At Kasto’s request, I performed O, Zoluren – the anthem for the province that I wrote for Prince Vorclaf’s coronation.

Kasto has invited me to join the Troupe, and I cannot quite make up my mind whether I should. All these years, I always had a good reason for not joining one group or another. I might be out of reasons this time…