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Posted by on 2013 May 21 |

The Tears of the Archive

Part of copying over all the old scrolls from the original Wren’s Nest means I am reading things about people and events long gone. Sometimes there are tears of joy, sometimes of sorrow, sometimes they defy explanation.

All I can say is that I am overcome at the sheer weight of shared experiences that people shared over the years. As we ready the collection, I hope historians, bards, researchers, and artists will treasure these little vignettes of an era which would be otherwise lost to history.

Today my eyes lit upon a scroll from 358 where Therae penned a poem of his poignant reaction after looking at the original Scroll of the Remembered. The Scroll held the names and small remembrances of adventurers lost somewhere.

Now Therae should be an entry on a new Scroll, we have not seen him for decades. I shared this bittersweet moment with Beckah, and she promptly wrote a memory page for him, Therae Velo.

As you remember people who are gone, I invite you to write a memory page for them, or add your memories to their page if someone has already started one. Keeping people alive in the threads of our collective memory is one of my nearest and dearest projects.

Remember someone today and share it. They will never be fresher in your mind than they are right now.