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Posted by on 1999 Jul 14 |

Therenborough’s Ghosts

(34 Shorka 358 SV: 6 of 19)

Dear Reader,

An extra entry is in order on the mysterious nature of Therenborough Castle.  As I was guided about it’s upper halls by Damaria and it’s lower floors by Ammara we encountered, on more than one occasion, strange occurrences that could only be described as haunting and remnants of the Castle’s sad history.  Perhaps those two words are enough to describe the half-ruined nature of the seat of Therengia government.  Sad History.

You can see it in the eyes of the inhabitants.  The surly guards at the gate who have little respect for any but of the knightly orders…Tad Deshon, the baron’s own scribe of inventory, has a furtive look about his face as he whispers of "special" deals…even the watchmen as they patrol the parapets and dungeon seem to be watching for more than just the passing scuff-law.  They look to the shadows and start at the slightest of sounds.

As you hunt the Wolfspiders you can hear the cries of unseen foes.  The sounds of combat that you cannot find echoes around those empty halls.  The Breech Tunnels are the roots of this castle and they have become infected with the spirits of battles of old.  If a soul who dies without justice becomes a ghost…do conflicts fought without just cause likewise haunt us?

Within the very Great Hall I have seen a spirit manifest.  After the day’s hunt we retired there to discuss the day’s events.  A young Paladin by the name of Kytus was there and as we were in conversation a black-clad figure appeared upon the balcony above.  None of us could discern it’s gender but it watched us with chilling intensity.  With a simple motion it plucked a pure white rose from the arch and let it drift downward to the ground.  Eyes followed flower’s descent and as we looked up again, the apparition was gone.

WhiteRose_sketch2“The Baroness’ Ghost,” Damaria whispered.  “She was murdered…”  I picked up the long stemmed bud, and it sits now here upon the  writing desk as I scribble this entry.  It’s touch is still cool and the fragrance of compelling beauty.  I must wonder if the mysterious violinist who plays so sadly and unseen in the royal guest chamber has any connection.  The music serenades even now and I do not think sleep will be made easier for its presence.

The day has been full of victory, but it is hushed by this castle  that seems to know only defeat.  The Baron would no doubt say otherwise, but he remains behind his heavily locked and dangerously trapped doors.

It is best not to dwell upon those who have passed…and not  passed…on.  I must now take time to speak of the living souls who were found here and who made this day pleasant in their company.  Within the offices of the Paladin Leader Cleworth, chancellor of the Baron’s court, we found four who were willing to offer friendship and advice.  Yens, Halaster, Arinthia, and her husband Dractorius gave warm greetings where the castle had been not but chilly in its reception before.  To them I give thanks for their presence.

To you, Good Reader, I give thanks for your patience. And will set  quill aside for now till the next entry comes forth.