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Posted by on 2004 Jul 25 |

A Child’s Vision

A Child’s Vision

(322 Dolefaren 376)

The stones along the winding road grew larger and sharper the closer we got to the mountains. It was the end of summer, but it was also the end of the Outcast wars. Many of the threats that kept us within the town walls were no longer and life was returning to a moderate norm. My father promised me that when the ”blood war” as he called it was over, we would take that trip to study the rocky outcrop. I had heard about ogres before but had never seen one. Father said they were pretty anti-social and didn’t really stay in large groups and that we would be safe. What we saw next was something I would never forget.

As we climbed over a large outcrop, I heard this sound that stopped me from breathing. It was the sound of drums, but not just any drum, it was war drums. These were so loud and so strong I felt my heart climb higher into my throat. I gazed down at the field by the mountain base only to see the lands filled with ogres. Thousands or maybe even millions of them! All lined up and chanting. I don’t really speak Ogre so I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but it didn’t sound good.

Father said that Ogres and Goblins generally didn’t get along, so when we saw Goblins giving the Ogres many weapons and armors, we knew something was not right. They were even training some of the Ogre troops. I saw this fancy looking Goblin talking with one of the largest Ogres I’ve ever seen! Well, since this was really the first Ogre I’ve ever seen, I really didn’t have anything to compare it to, but still, it was huge. I scooted closer to father trying to protect him. I think he probably believed I was afraid, but he didn’t say anything. I looked at him and asked what we should do. He replied that the Prince would know. “The Prince?” I asked. “You know the Prince?” He just smiled at me and said he was a good person, a strong leader and a man of the people. He would protect us.

I stood there, wide eyed, until the sounds of loud shouting was heard all around us. I clung to my father’s tunic ’til my hands where white. Then there was this voice. It might have been Elven, but it was a woman for sure. She sounded very old but also quite comforting. I can’t remember what she said because father said we should go quickly, but as I turned to make my way down the rocks, I saw her dressed in a long cloak and simple dress. I think she saw me. She had a cold stare as our eyes met and it haunts my dreams. All I could do was to climb as fast as I could down the outcrop and join my father. I prayed they wouldn’t catch us.