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Posted by on 2004 Jul 24 |

A Warning? Or Promise

A Warning? Or Promise

(318 Dolefaren 376)

Discovered on the outer skirts of Arthe Dale was leather-backed parchment. The writing was penned in old Ilithic script. The translators deciphered as much as possible, however certain words remained out of context. The parchment read:

The time of prosperity in these lands has come to an end. The Zoluren you once loved and cherished will now fall to my hands or it shall be burned in a flame never seen in this age by (from?) the fana derli.

Within the next few andu, the following demands must be met. The release of Grishnok, the abandonment of Arthe Dale and it’s waters to our control and the unconditional surrender of Prince Vorclaf Lasa’Sorvendig to answer for war crimes.

If these demands are not met, one by one your cities will fall.

The parchment was signed by,

~Jomay Maveinelei