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Posted by on 2004 Jul 29 |

Ru’ati hss Mur

Ru’ati hss Mur

(338 Dolefaren 376)

The caravans are positioned onboard and we are ready to travel by ship to our home. The masters will rest before their next return to mainlands. I loaded the last crate of tailbands and adornments this morning, making sure their delicate parts were firmly in place. Travel aboard ships tends to be rough at times. We enjoyed an extended stay in Therengia where the new Baron had declared festivites. The three masters told us we were to prepare for a busy time and they could not have cast a more accurate prediction if they were moon mages.

Thus far, I have been fortunate to have learned under two of the three masters. Crafter Myrkahl was the first. All the apprentices start with his instruction when they join the family. He was a cobbler by choice but also excelled in clothing of the S’Kra nature. I rather enjoy Crafter Myrkahl’s teachings. His masterful skill for every detail never goes unnoticed. He speaks the best common of the three and often assists as translator when the others deal with with non-S’Kra clients. Most of our work is of S’Kra Mur design but they do such wonderful work that many of the races appreciate the opportunity to have a crafting session with them.

Artificer Jhyrra is who I am currently studying under. He specialty in tail adornments is second to none. His attention to detail is meticulous. Each band, from the simple leather to extravagant crystal is given the utmost attention. Jhyrra’s team of apprentices have to go through an extensive training regiment. In addition to crafting designs, we are required to acquire the supplies. He has taught us that everything can be bargained for and never to accept anything than the highest quality. I recall one of the fellow S’Kra who returned from the market, thinking he had purchased gold strips only to find they were painted brass. Jhyrra pushed his spectacles up his snout and paused a moment. A raucous laughter followed. Needless to say, the apprentice was quite embarrassed but I believe learned a valuable lesson. To graduate to the next master, Jhyrra must be pleased with my ability to not only craft a custom adornment, but properly assess it’s value and negotiate with the client.

The artificer Halsyrr is likely the most difficult to work with. Not many apprentices are able to grasp his level of crafting. An alchemist by trade, he studied under Imadrakhet Elszhai, the ancient. No one knows what ever became of the ancient, and master Halsyrr does not mention it. He instructs each starting apprentice on how to manipulate the substance of cambrinth. A very difficult and challenging task, but one that must be mastered if you are to continue with the other metals. I heard a story of a Mur who had been tinkering with a cambrinth substance and blew half his snout off. As one develops mastery with cambrinth, other specially treated metals are then introduced. None of the apprentices to date have successfully approached that level of mastery so it is a mystery to when or even if ever I will find out what they are.

On long journeys, we are treated to tales of how they formed this brotherhood of merchants. Generally the stories would revolve around the clients they served and the pleasure they would receive when seeing the look on the face of a satisfied customer. However, I recall master Halsyrr discussing his encounter of discovery near an old graveyard in Aesry Surlainis’a. He spoke of an object, perhaps thousands of years in age. It held a strange magical property that he could not identify. There was a scripture written in Elven, and most was illegible. He tried to recite this tale as if to add some sort of mysticism, however we were more focused on its value, properties and how much he sold it for. He just snorted and called us petulant children. The other masters had a good laugh.

As the ship approaches home, I find myself looking forward to relaxation before the next sessions of crafting and instruction. I watch as the sun casts a comforting shine on the tiers of Ratha. Glancing over to the three masters, they drink their smo’heke and boast of the profits from their sessions. I smile knowing that one day I will find my own way into the world and share the craft learned with others.