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Asketi’s Bloody Ride 412AL

Asketi’s Bloody Ride 412AL

(1 Akroeg, 412 – The Crossing, Zoluren)

“As a frigid breeze shivers through Elanthia, her people wonder who will feel the Hag’s icy wrath.”

Tonight, presumably during the Shoshandu celebration going on in Riverhaven, a chill wind blew before the Hag in her annual sweep of the cities which have not paid her enough due during the previous year. It’s been dubbed Asketi’s Ride so long ago, that it’s just tradition now. We figure Lanival called it the same thing and still didn’t know the origins of the name.

> recall immortal Asketi
The symbol of Asketi is an adder.  The other aspects of Asketi are Hodierna and Berengaria.

The “hag” stealer of children, wild mistress of barren fields and the midnight hunt.  Asketi is the master of the North Wind, and delights in causing pain and terror in the lands.  On the darkest night of the year it is said she rides on the backs of hideous black unicorns and carves a bloody path through the city that has failed to venerate her the most.  The stealer of life, she carries a rough burlap sack at her hip in which she carries the souls of those she has killed.

Her minions: adders, heralds, hags, wretches, and worse, stopped first in Riverhaven. There were only a few deaths, and some of the Crossing’s defenders went up to Riverhaven to help. Even when Asketi pulled out all Her stops up there, it was handled without much loss of life at all.

In the Crossing, we first noticed the snow start to fall. Within 2 roisaen of the first flake, we had a full-fledged blizzard on our hands. Skaen noted his weather prediction was being veiled by something unnatural.

Illustration thoughtfully provided by a member of the Events Team

Illustration thoughtfully provided by a member of the Events Team

As the Crossing waited to see if She would stop there, someone asked over the gwethdesuan, “Who is Asketi? Am I supposed to know or care?”

And my heart sank. Of all the nights to ask that. Within 60 seconds, one of Her Heralds was at the Northeast gate, followed by scores and scores of her minions filling the Crossing’s streets, the Green, and even the little nook I call my office!

Govaghn stepped up to be the voice of the defense since the Vela’tohr Commanders were not around and there was little to no sign of anyone in authority willing to do what was needed.

As death laid waste to the Green in huge numbers, Taygar’s ghostly voice was heard, “All these hags, I bet Digmo could get a date.” He might have been dead, but he still was willing to share the love by teasing.

And then, the attack actually got worse.

Croaking laughter permeated the air around me for a brief moment. Shadows began to coalesce and writhe like adders before dissipating, leaving only a sense of dread and foreboding.

At one point, I heard the wind outside shriek and moan like a madwoman, ceaselessly battering the walls.

The Crossing was hit very hard, and we took a lot of losses. But, ultimately, we prevailed, licking our wounds and departing as needed. The Crossing endured over 2 anlaen of steady attack.

There was no word or indication that Asketi rode into Ilithi, and we are hoping our southern neighbors were spared.

“For on the heels of the Shosandu,
Comes The Night That Rabid Creatures Dwell!”

Afternote: Adding insult to injury, there was a spineless faction collecting the weapons of the dead during this awful time in the Crossing. If you witnessed it, please consider coming forth with what you know. There are people who want to do something about this.

Dreamheart Delaevan-Forestwolf

Dreamheart, owner of the Wren’s Nest Tavern, is a bardess in Zoluren presently. Telling the stories of the people and history of the Realm is her life’s work.