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Posted by on 2014 Mar 31 |

Jhustis On The New Order Membership Rule

Jhustis On The New Order Membership Rule

(29 Ka’len 412: The Realms at Large)

I had the opportunity to speak to Jhustis about the ruling that forced me from the Order of the White Rose:

Also here: GameMaster Jhustis.
Obvious paths: northeast, south, northwest.

Jhustis exclaims, “Greetings!”

Jhustis flashes a wide grin.

You say, “There’s been some confusion at the player level as far as the OFFICIAL stance on players being members of groups.  Specifically, players being a member of an order, and a militia.”

You say, “I’ve heard 10,000 answers.”

Jhustis asks, “Wow, ten thousand?”

You say, “And right now, I’m faced with tendering a resignation, one way or the other.”

Jhustis nods to you.

Jhustis says, “Well, if you’re referring to being a member of two different groups that would both have a militaristic aspect, that’s probably going to create a conflict of interest.”

Jhustis says, “…with one or both groups wanting to make sure you’re focus is with them.”

You ask, “Even if one group were completely and wholly player-run and unofficial?”

You say, “I speak, for me, at least, of the WHite Rose and the Vela’tohr.”

Jhustis says, “Well, I know the White Rose will have a militaristic aspect, and we know the Vela’tohr is a militia…so being in both creates a conflict of interest.”

Jhustis says, “You really can’t effectively be in both at the same time.”

Jhustis says, “At least with the same character.”

You ask, “Again, is this the OFFICIAL stance, that I can not be a member of any player run organization AND an official order, if both have any sort of military application?”

Jhustis says, “If you had one character in one, and another character in a different group, I wouldn’t see it as a conflict of interest, although you could possibly be cutting yourself short.”

Jhustis says, “Correct, and the single exception to that would be if the second group were to have a non-military function, such as the Tavern Troupe.”

You ask, “I’d be remiss to ask you, how can the GMs dictate roleplaying to a non-gm run/supported group?”

You say, “Because, if you follow my logic, anyone who’s a member of any of the big ‘families’ (rippentropp, seord, etc.) would then fall under those same rules.”

Jhustis says, “We’re not talking about families, we’re talking specifically about being in a sanctioned Order, AND being in a separate militia.”

Jhustis says, “And that’s been a standard for as long as I can remember.”

You say, “I’d again be remiss if I didn’t ask you to show it to me in writing.  ‘Word of Mouth’ is how this conversation started.”

Jhustis says, “And generally, it’s the groups leadership that wants to make sure the person isn’t double-dipping, so to speak.”

You say, “And I still believe that that policy allows the GMs to dictate how a player roleplays their character, with ltitle regard for player input.”

Jhustis says, “I don’t have a place I can currently point you, but that is one of the Order guidelines.”

You ask, “It can’t be a guideline, officially, unless it’s in writing, or am I wrong?”

Jhustis says, “I appreciate what you’re trying to say but if your character is being given one order by one group and another by a different one, logic only dictates that it’s clearly a conflict of interest.”

You say, “Then allow my character to roleplay it, instead of quoting a guideline which you yourself can’t point to in writing.”

Jhustis says, “And it can be a guideline and has for many years.  Whether that’s been put in writing in the past, I’m still investigating.”

Jhustis says, “You’re free to role play as you see fit but just keep in mind that if you’re wanting to be part of an Officially Sanctioned Order, you will have to make the choice between the two.”

Jhustis nods to you.

You ask, “Circling the argument doesn’t change that there’s no guidance from any source but you on the matter.  So I ask again, even in the regards of a PLAYER RUN organization, the GMs have barred any single player (not account, just player.) from being a part of both, if both are seen (also in the eyes of the GMs) as having any miliary aspect to them?”

Jhustis says, “The whole role playing aspect of being in an officially sanctioned Order is basically a big deal…that’s the design of it….”

Jhustis says, “I’m not circling your argument.  I’ve given you the guidelines.”

Jhustis says, “And, like I said, you’re completely free to make your own choices.”

You say, “I would request that the official guidance be posted on the website for all to see, as well as a list of what orders/groups are considered, in the eyes of the GMs, to be ‘militant’.  Because simply quoting ‘guidelines’ doesn’t mean anything to the players, as you’re the only one who seems to know them.”

Jhustis says, “Noted.”

Jhustis nods to you.

You say, “Thank you for your time, then.”

Jhustis says, “Yours as well.  You have a good night.”

Jhustis raises her hand in a quick salute.

Rantjur Uzim

Ranger Rantjur Uzim, Emerald Knight, Commander, Ilithi Infantry (Retired.)