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Hello everyone! This is Izimi! Daring flight-researcher, giving you your Eye from the Sky!

IT’S THE TALK OF ARACHNI-TOWN! Under mysterious circumstances, dressmakers Cereia and Fritha have DIED! While Cereia returned from her brush with the Void, death’s grip was more firm on Fritha! She will never more return to make a dress! A great tragedy has befallen the fashion world! Treasure your Fritha dresses! Cereia was intensely distraught, though was GLAD that she had the chance to MAKE UP with Fritha before her demise!

SOON enough, theories were being bandied about as to what could cause their demise, while Fritha’s shop was closed down! Fritha’s belongings were taken to be delivered to the Captain by Linett, a brave adventurer, on the suspicion that POISON could be found! Aislynn and Elriic accompanied her on the quest! Those possessions were left with TED, a gnome worker of the Arachnid, according to Linett and her witnesses!

CEREIA commented that they were having rosehips tea when Fritha collapsed! She also enjoyed a ginger and almond cookie served by FRITHA’S ASSISTANT, though Fritha ate MORE. Cereia was escorted to her store, and there rests, though she expressed a desire to see Fritha’s belongings RETURNED to her former mentor’s family. Cereia also commented that Fritha was VERY PIOUS, and was surprised that the Gods DID NOT FIND FAVOR in her.

NO WORD was heard directly from the CAPTAIN, who has been NOTIFIED but is reported to be beside himself by the antiquarian Aislynn. Intrepid gnomes of the spider soon sought out Fritha’s ASSISTANT for questioning, based on CEREIA’S DESCRIPTION – a tall, thin Elf woman with auburn hair! They were seen HAULING IN a woman matching that description, who PROTESTED INNOCENCE.

The gnomes attested that they found her halfway to RAVEN’S POINT, with TOAD GLANDS in her bags, and CEREIA’S COLOR-BOOK, reported stolen earlier during the festival, with its design ideas! OFFICIAL INQUIRY seems to have come to rest with that conclusion, but THE MYSTERY REMAINS! What kind of poison could kill one dressmaker FOREVER, yet spare another? Is that the real cause of death? Is the Elf who was caught guilty of poisoning, theft, being Fritha’s assistant, or HAVING NO FASHION SENSE?! We may never know!

As a consequence of these events, esteemed Dressmaker Cereia will be hosting a sale of items made by both Cereia and Fritha, working as a tailoring team! The last dresses from Fritha, ever, will be at this sale. Get these rare pieces of fashion art now, because there won’t be any more like them! Probably. Unless someone finds more Fritha dresses that she made.

OOC: FEST EVENT for details on Cereia’s sale!


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