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Ulf’Hara Keep, traditional home of the Royal Family of Zoluren, has been UTTERLY DESTROYED by what is believed to be bombs similar to those Concussive Bombs used by the Elpalzi in their Assaults. The Force of the Explosions was powerful enough to be felt throughout the Crossing, and as far as Riverhaven and Leth Deriel. Reclaiming Operations are underway to recover the Dead and their effects from the rubble of the Keep.

The Explosion and resulting Collapse SENT MANY TO THE STARRY ROAD or the Kaneija. Those who Walked included Lord Yallance Linlaig, General Kaovales Thinguard, Ambassador Lindryl Jinsaith and her husband Captain Keirnen Allvar, Herald Renshuel Talvoldien, Opreina Moracul Zoranyl Si’drow, and Sybina Darsas. It is thought that Most, if not All, off-duty soldiers and soldiers in the Barracks were killed. Also killed were Half the Kitchen staff, and several of their families, half the Cleaning staff and some of their family members, most of Seneschal Maghana’s personal staff, and many of the Princess’s staff who had remained at the Keep.

All prisoners in the dungeons were thought Walked, including: Molphant, Midjure, Raellia, and Grishnok.

One Survivor, guardswoman Vathbiirk, reported that Elpalzi assassins roamed the halls before the detonation, killing those inside. She also said that there was a smell of Sulphur, like that used in Bombs. Seneschal Maghana confirmed the Keep was destroyed by Bombs.

The Destruction took place during an Attack on the Crossing, which began with assassins Tengh and Zayerg Prowling our Streets. They were seen to Taunt and drew our fighters to the West end. However, Dark figures were noted heading toward the Keep, and many went there and engaged in a pitched battle. Noble in heart were the Brave guardsmen of Zoluren, who gave their lives in defense of Ulf’Hara Keep.

Seneschal Maghana sent patrols to the Reach under Commander Elriic and Mazrian, but nothing New was discovered.

THE ROYAL FAMILY REMAINS SAFE on Andreshlew. The word from the Crown is to remain Vigilant and Gird ourselves for Retaliation. Our Military Advisor, Lord Grigoire, reminds the citizens of Zoluren to act Honorably. The Seneschal reminds us that the majority of the Elpalzi want peace. These attacks are thanks to Alret and his Rebel group, those bearing the Silver Dragon emblem and occupying Sorrow’s Keep. The peaceful Elpalzi reside elsewhere in the Reach and have also been Terrorized by Alret.

Wibster, Sneeky, and Caraamon have offered to provide Free Weaponry to those fighting Elpalzi. The Herald commends these Skilled and Generous craftsmen.

Seneschal Maghana was heard to say of Alret’s Elpalzi:



T. D.-F.,


& N.O.




Navesi Daerthon

Newsletter editor for the First Land Herald, also a private investigator.