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Posted by on 2013 Jun 15 |

Festival of Guilds: Final Days

Festival of Guilds: Final Days

Near the borough of his Lord Theren, the city that is Apple of the North, the hillsides are swelling with the blooms of Spring and the meadows are still bustling with the final rush of the Festival.

People buzz with whispers of the Auction. Attend, and see the Riches of the lands thrown toward the Finest Rarities and items of Untold and Unique Power! [OOC: 9 PM EDT tonight!]


For those Final purchases, those last Treasures yet undiscovered, we present this humble List of suggestions.

The Best Skinning Knives. It is well known that a good Knife worn upon the belt makes the process of dressing and Skinning a corpse go more quickly, for one does not need to waste time taking it from a pack. However, perhaps it is less well known that the knives of Slice and Dice are the Very Best for skinning.

[OOC: A knife possessing the “skinning” adjective provides the maximum bonus for skinning. Source.]

Quality Light Armor. Goods for Life possesses a surprising and delightful array of Light Armors, comparable in Quality even to our own Zoluren craftsmen. Many are also quite Suitable for Formal Occasions. The Masks of Nahja’s Knickknacks are also unusually Absorptive.

Rare Materials. Here and there one finds a Rarity, a material long sought and not often found, carved into a hilt or a hook for the hair. Dragonwood and Tyrium were spotted at Auntie Phanie’s, Damite at Slice and Dice, Kertig, Silversteel, Diamondique, and Orichalcum at Sound the Hunt, and Watersilk at both Arcayne Attyre and Hide and Seek (though the former was the less expensive). Mistsilk sacks were also spotted in the hands of some, but our Investigations proved fruitless to find the Source.

Holders of Many Things. The herbal pouches of the Foraging Emporium are excellent for sorting herbs, with such Natural placement that it is easy to keep like herbs together! (Note that the pouches will hold more Weight than the cases, though the aprons hold most of all.) There is a similar eye toward Organization with the Naphtha Holders of the Pyromaniacs’ Corner!

[OOC: These items are “stackable”, meaning that the items inside will act as “one” item. Herbs will automatically group into, e.g. “a packet of jadice flowers”. This can help with both item count and organization.]

Deeply Hooded Cloaks. The cloaks of the Bardic Journey are well suited to those who wish to protect and cover their Faces from the elements. Though of course one should keep one’s Features unhidden when traveling into town!

And finally, to highlight those things that Most know but a few may not!

  • Aevanstones. Gems from Visions in Crystal that will permanently align to a Color depending on one’s Person and Guild.
  • Hair Flowers. Tildi’s Flowers are the best for entwining into one’s hair.
  • Warhorns.Sound the Hunt has horns, and the Barbarian and Bard guilds have Secret methods for their use.
  • Ashcloaks. Alighting with fiery light when touched by a Warrior Mage, these cloaks increase in price the more that are sold at Pyromaniacs’ Corner.
  • Hiders. Invisibility magic of impressive power can hide up to two types of items at once. Hide your gwethdesuans, cambrinth, belt items, containers, and bundles with those items from Hide and Seek. Ask a Trader for access to some items that will hide three of these types at Once! Or purchase a Fine cloak, dress, or robe cut to Discreetly conceal!


The Conflict continues despite the Festivities to the North! The Wretched Enemy has attacked the Crossing yet again!


Zoluren Events

Glayster Lane nº. 6, Arthe Dale

36 Lirisa 409



a Comedie

featuring CALESHIAR as Romero and BELLICIA as Juliel

OOC: Tomorrow — Sunday, June 16 — 9:30 PM EDT

Directions: From Arthe gate: n x4, e x3, ne x2, e, go door — go arch for performance.

Navesi Daerthon

Newsletter editor for the First Land Herald, also a private investigator.