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Posted by on 2004 Jul 25 |

A Servant’s Writings

A Servant’s Writings

(322 Dolefaren 376)

He returned from his journey a few days ago and looks as troubled as when he left. I often wondered what stresses could be placed upon such a person and am grateful that in my meager existence I do not have such burdens. I delivered his meal as is tradition and he asked me how my day had been as he has always done. I smiled brightly and told him that everything was grand. After all, why should he be concerned about my personal troubles with all that he has to worry about? He merely smiled at me.

I found him on the balcony where he spends the early mornings to stare out to the west. For all the troubles of war, traitors, loss of friends, I believe there is a greater burden on him that resides in his heart. Perhaps he is just like the rest of us. He bleeds, he feels, he suffers. But still, for all the glory and honor that he has, I would not trade positions for all the gold in Elanthia…

I met her once during a private dining. A quiet person she was. I saw him prior as he placed the beautiful emerald necklace carefully in its case. The necklace sparkled with such brilliance! Oh if I could have worn it for but a moment. He had such energy and life that night and I remember him saying to the Lady Lindryl that he would give everything up for this dream. The meal was outstanding, as Arminous tends to prepare. He’s one of the best chefs in the lands. Jilly’n and myself often sneak samples from the cart. Good thing the pikemen aren’t guarding the kitchens or there would be a war inside the Keep.

I remember that she preferred tea and was most gracious to me as I delivered each course of meal. I do not believe her to have been a noble, but she demonstrated nobility in her mannerisms. As with the Elven kind in general, her thoughts remained very difficult to read. He also is quite Elven in nature and if not for his ears, I would say he were one, but he is human. I know the meal had not gone as either planned. When I went to see if they required anything further, he was there alone, with a vacant look on his face. I thought I was going to have to smack Arminous upside the head with a pan but then I realized it wasn’t the food. I believe that moment was probably the most awkward for me as I felt about to cry for him. But my training taught me to demonstrate proper etiquette so I quietly slipped from the room. I had not seen her since.

He often dines alone. I wish there were something I could do or even say, but I know my place and that is not it. He still asks me how my day has been and I just want to ask him about her. It had been over a year and still he gazes to the west. He isn’t looking at the majestic scene of the Crossing proper. Nor is he looking to the Ogre lands for some hint of invasion. He is looking for her.

Prior to the war, the guardsmen spoke of a cloaked figure leaving a single rose at the ramp. I had never seen this occur so I figured Jonas, the pikeman and the other guards were creating this elaborate story to bring excitement to a boring shift. Then a few days later, I had returned from the market with the week’s groceries to find this cloaked figure kneeling on the ramp. I was startled, as we were alone and the guardsman was changing duty shifts. She glanced up and I recognized her face. It was her! She had a blank expression to her look and left before I could even say a greeting. I stood there a moment until Jonas came out and asked me what had happened. I kept her secret and merely jested that the cloaked figure struck again with another rose. Jonas glanced at me with a scowl and I just smirked as I trotted up the ramp to prepare the meal. I often wonder what happened to this lady. The war took many lives, perhaps she was one of them.

Even with all the activity and excitement in the Keep, there remains a feeling of sadness with him. The lady Lindryl informed the staff that we will be having even more guests stay. Some Therengian Lord arrived last week. There is a familiar look to him but I have not had chance to speak with the others about who he is. Maybe I’ll nag Jonas later. I am off to the market to fetch this day’s groceries. Maybe there will be excitement again and I will see this cloaked figure once more.