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Posted by on 2000 Dec 16 |

A Tired and Worried Prydaen

(Crossing, Zoluren: 257 Moliko 363)

A slightly familiar silvery prydaen walks tiredly into the bar, and takes the seat closest to Baresh. She pulls back the hood of her long silver cloak to reveal her cat-slitted jade eyes and a long straight honey mane. "Hello, Baresh," she says with a tint of exhaustion in her voice. "Sorry I haven’t stopped by lately, I’ve been busy, then with the war I’ve been extremely distracted. You remember me don’t you?" Baresh looks at the prydaen with a confussed look on his face. "Lailana?" said almost laughing, but seeming a bit too tired. "Don’t worry about it, I can’t expect you to remember everyone who comes in here."

"I’ll take a cat-mint tea, and could you add a shot or two of something strong to it?" Baresh nods and slides a drink towards the now remembered prydaen. She sighs, picks up the drink, and after a slight coughing spasm, asks for another. "Thank you, Baresh. After what I’ve seen over the past while I needed a strong drink." Baresh nodded in understanding after seeing several others limping into the bar .

"I’m worried about my home, Baresh. I love the crossing, it’s always been my home, I think it always will be, atleast I did… but now ‘Lord’ Sorrow sets his sights to the Crossing. The gates are endlessly bombarded by S’lais and Elpazi. I myself can hit one of those mages and give him a scratch when he’s engaged, but then I’ll simply get struck down…. It seems to be getting more and more hopeless. I finally decided to spend my efforts dragging the fallen to be raised." She stares off into the distance as she speaks and Baresh can’t help but notice tears gathering in her eyes. She sniffs, wipes her eyes on the edge of her cloak and looks back at Baresh.

"I love the people of the Crossing, almost all my friends and family live there. My husband, Rahab, one of my closest friends, Corte," she glances off in distance again for a moment, "My friend, Mekhi, who’s more of a brother. I believe every member of my pryde resides in the Crossing. The only person I know who doesn’t stay there usually is my father, Kabel."

"Well I’ve been blabbering for too long, to get to the point, I just would like to call out to those in the Crossing, who love it as much as I do to help protect it, in any way possible. Dragging, healing, fighting, whatever you are best at I emplore you to do your best." Upon saying this, she rises from her seat. She pulls up the hood of her cloak, and tossed a gold onto the counter. Glancing back she says, "Sorry I don’t have more, money’s tight with the war." She then walks silently out the door.


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.