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Posted by on 2000 Nov 16 |

Apostle Rally Points

(Crossing, Zoluren: 136 Shorka 363)

Just a reminder to all the folks out there………here is a list of our Rally Points.

In the Crossings, Apostle members are responsible for manning the following areas.  The shrine of Ushnish near the West Gate, the Paladin Guild near the Northeast and North Gate, the Half Pint Inn near the East Gate, and the Sand Pit Tavern near the Crossings Docks

   As stated, our primary responsibility is to the Crossings, and during times of conflict, all efforts should be made to report to the Crossings for defense of the city.  However, Apostle members often find themselves in other cities when a full attack starts or the attack is restricted to a city other then the Crossings.  For these times, we have established rally points in each of the major cities.

   To the north of the Crossings, in Riverhaven, we have points at the Cleric Guild near the North Gate, the area outside the Empath Guild, and the guard towers near both the East and West Gates.  In Langenfirth, the temple serves as our only rally point.  While outside of the town, El’Bain’s cabins are manned in time of crisis.  In the city of Therenborough, the chapel on the east side of town and the area inside the gate serve as rally points.

   To the south, in Leth Deriel, our points are the temple and the secluded glade, outside of the city, two north of the webs and down a footpath on the Southern Trade Route (STR).  In Shard, ‘The Morgue’, as called by the locals, located one west of the North Gate, and Liani’s Heaven (where the Bard guild is) which is located over the bridge and northeast, go building, of the Tower of Honor (where the Paladin Guild is).  Outside of Shard, we have the safe spot in mages, which is south of the city.  To the north of Shard, the area across the white bridge, which is just north of the stile and the fallow fields.

   Out in the islands,  we have the following rally point for each city:

In Aesry Surlaenis, the area just outside of the town bank and the pubnear the docks.  In Ratha, on the third tier, just south of Urrem’tiers temple, there are two adjoining rooms of abundant life and holy power that serve as our rally point.  In Mer’Kresh, the Cleric Guild near the center of town.  On M’riss, the area adjacent to the docks.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.