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Posted by on 2000 Dec 27 |

Darkensi’s offer toward peace

(Crossing, Zoluren: 296 Skullcleaver 363)

An elderly prydaen with rust fur enters the tavern and smells the air, with a quick glance around her she heads toward the bar.

"Sunfell spring water if you please Baresh?" As Baresh places the glass in front of the elder he gives her a concerned glance as she moves the glass back and fourth between her paws. She gazes up at him and says "I’m sure the water is fine, but my mind is clouded with recent events"

Pushing the glass aside she continues.

"My mate and I tired of the war and went to the Islands. It was there I recieved a note from a companion that told that my Darkensi had been kidnapped and to return to Crossing as fast as possible. I wasted no time in return and found my guardsman, The Ravens, ready at their positions to defend. I sniffed at the air and could smell him near but could not figure for my life where. It was then that I was found by one that I shall not name. He told me that Darkensi was being held but would only speak to myself, Ternith or Humm. Against the wishes of my guardsmen I went with the strange elf."

Felinda inhales a deep breath and continues. "When I got there was to find Darkensi blindfolded and chained. They told me he had been randsomed into their care but could not or perhaps did not choose to tell me by whom. They said he was also poisoned but they had used herbs of some kind to flush it as he had refused the touch of a healer. I requested the blindfold be removed as he would already know their sents, they agreed and removed the blindfold. My first question of course was "how", how were they able to capture him, even in death the Elpazi would find him…." I came to the understanding that someone had kidnapped his mate, and agreed to exchange her for Darkensi. My brother agreed to this and was poisoned and blindfolded and bound. I do not know yet how he saw no one in this. His mate said that she smelled elves and that she smelled the Dirge Council on whoever attacked her."

Felinda pulls the drink back toward her and takes a small sip.

"My brother says after Prayk and Sorrow were taken out by the stones he considered the oath no filled and was going to take his pride and move them and that is when his mate was taken, to the prydaen this is a cowards act to take those that are innocent and make them bait, making this now a personal war. It took hours to convience him to let us try to deal with the situation and not make all of the people suffer for the acts of a few. Finally he agreed and I will now tell you the conditions of his releasing Dirge and leaving this war."

"One, we find the ones responsible for the abduction of his mate which led to his being captured and he will reserve the right to hunt those responsible and any that help them."

"Two, any member of the Dirge Council that he sees while hunting for food will then become prey to him and any that help them. He does agree not to go looking for members of the Council unless they are found to be involved in the kidnapping."

"Three, Darkensi would fall back the troops from Dirge, freeing it, and would take them south to Shartug. Once there he would leave this war. However, if any of the army was attacked while falling back all bets were off. At this time the fall back has been completed and Dirge is freed."

"Four, anyone that attacks Darkensi after he leaves this war he will consider that person and anyone that helps them to be free game."

"Darkensi will be taking his pride to a new area, I ask that no one interfear with this. I know that he’s done a lot but what he did he had to do out of honor. But one less commander is one less to deal with in a bad situation."

"Thank you for listening Baresh and if you hear anything about who was responsible for my brother’s abduction or that of his mate please do let me know? I will try to get to Shartug and see if peace with him is possible but he’ll be harder to convience. Wonderful service as always Baresh, may the three guide you." Felinda places down a gold disc on the counter, gets slowly to her feet and walks out.