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Posted by on 2000 Dec 18 |

Deathstomp or Ambush

(Stone Clan, Zoluren: 264 Moliko 363)

Grimslayer wanders confused and tired into the bar. Baresh shouts to Grim, "Good to see ya breathing after we last talked Grim! What will it be?"

Grim climbs up on the overly tall stool, "Ill have whiskey straight and keep um coming, ale wont do it for me tonight friend."

Baresh returns with the bottle and poors himself one as well. The bar being empty because of the war raging all around. "I heard the Dwarves planned an offensive. to break the siege of Stone Clan what happened?" Baresh asked as if he didnt know.

"Oh it was a grand plan and I am so proud of all those involved in putting it together," Grim sighs.

"But it was an ambush doomed before it began I fear. So many warriors came to fight with us which makes me the worse."

"There was to be two huge waves to hit the Army outside clan. I was to be in the second wave with many others. The first wave was going to draw um out and the larger second wave was to sweep in and crush um between the two groups." Grimslayer stops to down another whiskey.

Baresh asks, "So what went wrong?"

"Well plans are for before the battle and are soon forgotten when the armies clash," the Dwarf began, "But more to the point the second wave was moving into position the first wave was still in the clan talking tactics as officers tend to do till the brain hurts. When some young inexperienced warriors in the second wave went against orders and attacked the army of Sorrow."

"Sorrow’s forces were waiting for us. They sent out a large force much more then usual some reports say over 40. The fools who attacked were killed instantly. My orders which I gave to my squad were to retreat down to the NTR if a large force broke off. Three of the six I was in charge of made it. We waited for the rest of our force but nobody came for some time so we went back. The dead were piled everywhere, both sides had suffered heavy losses but it was clear to me it was an ambush. The older better trained first wave had rushed in but to no avail they fought well and bravely but they died as well. I counted 8 maybe 10 survivors including my squad when it was all over."

"Working together while being shot at by archers and crossmen we managed to drag the bodies to the NTR. However we hadn’t had time to set up any kind of support team it was still in the clan. I yelled for them to come and some did but at huge cost."

"The empaths and clerics turned the wrong way in the confusion and were slaughtered to the last for being so brave and charging out to aid the dead and injured. We managed to get all of the dead on the NTR to Crossing through a moongate. We found out the fate of the support team and sent in a rescue team for the empaths and clerics who bravely came out to help."

"The dwarves have returned to their vigil in the Clan. Upset but never defeated we shall come out again we shall fight again and we will win. Its only a matter of time friend Baresh."

With that said Grimslayer grabs the almost empty bottle of whiskey smiles and stumbles out into the night.


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.