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Posted by on 2000 Dec 7 |

Prymera Pryde Changes Hands

(Zoluren: 215 Arhat 363)

A Prydaen male walks into the Wren’s Nest Tavern on a clear summer night. He saunters up to the bar with a look of inner glow on his face, pride showing through.

"A bottle of red wine, dear Baresh. I feel like celebrating," says the Prydaen.

Baresh slides the bottle in front of him with a smile peers at him. "Exactly what are you celebrating there, Mr…"

"Corte Whatly. And I am celebrating that I have just been named the new leader of the Prymera Pryde."

Baresh thinks for a moment, then says that he remembers Lailana speaking of it. Corte smiles brightly at him, ale brown eyes sparkling. He pops off the cork and smells the wine. Smiling to himself, he lays a small bag on the bar and walks to the door.

"Well, I hope that I can continue the traditions we had instilled in the beginning. I thank you for the wine, Baresh," he says and walks out.

"Good luck to you, Corte" Baresh takes the bag and opens it up to reveal several gold pieces and some gems, more than enough payment for a story and the wine.