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Posted by on 2000 Dec 18 |

Rumors from Triage

(Crossing, Zoluren: 260 Moliko 363)

While I tended the seeming endless pile of corpses at Gaethrend’s the last two days, I gleaned some information from those who were seeing the action.

The Book in Stone Clan was captured several days ago and is in Sorrow’s dirty hands.

There is some new bard Sorrow is seeking, presumably to do something bad with since his henchmen sent Lissanda to the Starry Road a while back.

The Barricade on the Southern Trade Route between Leth Deriel and the Ferry was destroyed by defenders and Zoluren forces. A group of the enemy was encamped near the beach, but may be gone now after another rush through the Crossing last night.

We heard war horns yesterday, and many of us had flashbacks of the Gorbesh Wars. There was a very uneasy feeling while we waited. Before long, I can only describe it now as a terribly ominous feeling came over me.

While people were still trying to break the barricade on the Northern Trade Route that cuts off all travel northwards — Riverhaven came under a brutal attack.

We’ve always known Riverhaven and the Standing Stones were going to be the ultimate goal, and therefore the ultimate front, as well. Sorrow’s forces arrived there en masse.

When the battles had finally eased off, I think even Sorrow’s henchmen must sleep, and I could go to sleep in good conscience, Riverhaven reported most of the enemy dead or retreated.

Sorrow himself visited the Stones and said that it would take "more study" and then wandered off.

For now, the Standing Stones stand, and are not fallen into enemy hands.

The Crossing is still cut off on the Northern Trade Route, and only moongates can move people around the enemy.

Sometimes you don’t hear much while you’re tending piles of dead heroes, but I’m always grateful for every scrap of information.

I’ll be watching here for more information from people who see things firsthand.


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.