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Posted by on 2000 Dec 18 |

Stealing from the Dead?

(Crossing, Zoluren: 263 Moliko 363)

A tall ginger-haired Kaldar with piercing crystal green eyes enters the bar. She is dressed for war in polished black plate and is obviously of the Paladin Guild. She pulls aside her dark silk cloak and sits down at the bar, peering into every dark corner of the room before settling her eyes on Baresh. "Something strong, please. I go to darken my soul…and leave the bottle."

Baresh pulls out a bottle of Death Spirit Grog and pours a shot into a glass, setting the bottle beside it. "What be wrong, paladin warrior?" Baresh asks.

Guzzling the contents of the glass down, she pauses long enough to pour another drink before replying, "I have witnessed tragedies of fallen comrades in this war. I have cried when seeing the meteors shooting across the sky for such noble protectors as Glemm, Talomanes, Nenere. I have died, been healed and raised, and gone out to fight again. And yet, the worst thing I have seen is that in the middle of all this tragedy, there are those who wait for glyphs to fail, who wait for people to die so they can take their things."

Baresh nods in silence, watching her drink down another shot and refill her glass.

"These people should be helping their comrades, their defenders and protectors. Everyone should be helping everyone in this war…we have no time or patience for graverobbing in the best of times, and it is the worst of times. So, armed with names of those who have been caught stealing from the fallen heroes, I go to reclaim what is not theirs…"

Emptying the glass, she places 3 gold kronar on the bar and stands up. "I believe that should suffice, my friend."

Pulling her cloak around her, she gives one last look around the bar before making her way out the door. Baresh whispers, "May Chadatru look favorably on your soul, paladin." But the door has already blown shut, covering the sound of the war raging outside.