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Posted by on 2000 Nov 20 |

Stone Clan Guzzle Fest

(Stone Clan, Zoluren: Shorka363)

The Great Dwarven Guzzleoff

The word had gone out, the news it had spread, a contest of guzzleables, the dwarves they had said. Coins for the one, who brought the best brew, platinum coins, and not just a few.

At the Stone Clan, the contest would be, all were invited, with no entry fee. They came with their kegs, they came with their mugs, they came with their barrels, they came with their jugs.

One judge would be Bubb, at this contest-type meetin’, the other Hegemonic, to keep Bubb from cheatin’. Balwinn was there, toting his keg, and Grimslayer’s mule, with it’s wooden fourth leg.

Cloudcrest had come, for an event that was great, and Kuldar showed up, though fashionably late. Shimmermist and Perre, had come from afar, and Atwun was seen, leading a stomp from the bar.

There were many more others, dwarves of each guild, all were quite thirsty, til their mugs were filled. Hegey and Bubb, began sampling the stuff, the judging was heated, the decisions tough.

The judges would guzzle, the judges would slurp, the guzzleables were tasted, followed up with a burp. Hegey began wobbling, from to and from fro, unlike Bubbinster, cuz Bubb was a pro.

Finally the dwarves, had submitted their last, the winners were announced, and pretty durn fast. Nalak had won, with his mighty Poteen, Hegey had turned, a bright shade of green.

Worrclan, Aeslyba and Redarch each won a lot, For the bitters, brandy and fizzle they brought. And last came ol’ Grungy, with honorable mention, for the mountain of guzzleables, he brung with attention.

The contest was over, til same time next year, and every dwarf left, with a great drunken cheer!