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Posted by on 2000 Dec 26 |

Stoneclan Still Stands

(Stone Clan, Zoluren: 296 Skullcleaver 363)

Stoneclan still Stands

Baresh sees a bright light from the cracks in his front door, then with a bang Grimslayer Mcdunic enters his bar. Baresh was still cleaning up from the celebrations held the night before in honor of Sorrows demise and the fall of the barricade blocking crossing looks up long enough to wave.

Then Baresh sees a huge smile on Grimslayers face and stops. “What more good news from the front friend Grimslayer.”, Grim still smiling starts to help Baresh clean up. “Lets do this thing while I tell you of our new victory at Stoneclan.”

Grim wiping down a table begins to recount the events of the day before. “Well from my bunk in stoneclan I heard a clammer so I jumped from bed still dazed for a long night of rest. I saw only 2 or 3 of my comrades in the room I asked them “What’s the matter cousins” , the reply was so dreadful I froze in my tacks. “The clan is over run with Darkensi’s Veterans. The regiment and a unit of his crack troops has entered the clan.”

"You know me Baresh I am not one to rush out into battle but I had to see if this was true for myself. No sooner then I stepped out the door of the pierwall then I was dodging lighting bolts. Well when one hit me in the chest I knew it was going to be a long day.Let me tell ya.

The moons were down as they always are when the enemy attacks so I had to wait for help the Militia Patrol was stuck on the NTR and cut off from the clan. So we waited. Cloudcrest the Greatest dwarven moon mage of all time and Silverit an Elf who has been loyal beyond words to our effort were ready to gate in reinforcements as soon as the moons came up.

As soon as the moongates opened people came running through like angels sent from the gods. Of course the militia patrol came through and went right to work. Empaths like Veritey, Shimmermist, Jadens, syrath and my favorite gnome Mel were taken wounds at the expense of their bodys and at times thier lives. All was confusion at first with so many new fighters added to the our cause. The militia who had spent days apon weeks attacking the regiment was patient and organized.

The commander Rikulf Klastex moving in a company of Zourlen Troops wanted to take out the Sorrow unit blocking stoneclans door. The Regiment due to pressure from the crossing forces on the NTR had moved back out of the clan. However this was no easy task many had already died trying to take out the 7 vets guarding the units Flank. The Commander Rikulf had asked for one volunteer to guard him long enough to issue orders to his troops. The militia patrol of course to a man formed a human wall around the commander. Knowing it was certain death didn’t bother the militia after weeks of battle they had hardened and would do anything to clear their home.

I being the guy in front, because I would never call myself leader was taken out as soon as we came within range of the Darkensi’s veterans. My fellow militamen fell one after another, but the Commander had plenty of time to issue his commands. The company went to work on the unit as our bodys were recovered from the battlefield. There were so many of us but I remember seeing Worrclan, Bubbinster, Odruwi , Spartope, Kuldar, Voracious, and Lugnerin. There were several brave soldiers from crossing as well.

The battle raged for sometime but thanks to the clerics who came to the clan to aid us we were all brought back with the grace of Kertigan and the other most powerful gods the clerics serve. I cant say enough about the holy men and women of our land they make the realms a place of peace in during the confusion of battle. So many have helped me I can never repay them I hope my praise for them is equaled by the blessings of their Gods apon them.

Well as the militia was brought back to life by the clerics and the grace of their gods, a Commander and grand fighter Daython had managed to pick off the veterans who were no longer protected by the Darkensi’s unit. Only two remained and the Militia wanted revenge. following Commander Leandrae Koralise we marched against the two remaining Veterans. The short battle was a well deserved conclusion to a grand victory.” Grimslayer taps the Claymore taken from a dead veteran. “Thanks to the Mage Ileia for I am no great fighter I was able to deal death to one of them myself. “

The bar now as clean as it has ever been Baresh leads Grimslayer to the bar. “Thanks Friend Grimslayer for the tale and the help with my bar. Why did you come in the first place?” Grim bops himself on the head slams five plat on the bar. "I need two barrels of ale to celebrate with my dwarven kin and the rest is for any who have fought in the clan to clear it of the enemy. Let them drink an ale on me for their efforts.” Baresh Smiled as he picked up the coin. Grimslayer was already gone the moongate having already takin him back to his post at Stoneclan.


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.