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Posted by on 2000 Dec 20 |

The Graverobbers Begin to Die

(Crossing, Zoluren: 270 Moliko 363)

The door slams open and in limps a slightly familiar tall ginger-haired Kaldar with piercing crystal green eyes. Covered in blood she is, some of it her own, she makes her way to the bar and sweeps her cloak aside. Glancing around the bar, she sits on a barstool and says, "Friend Baresh, some more of that Death Spirit Grog if you please."

Baresh nods and pours her a shot, remembering at the last moment and setting the bottle beside the glass, instead of putting it away, he asks, "How fare ye, paladin?"

Pausing long enough to gulp down her shot, she replies, "I fear I will be spending quite a bit of time atoning my soul…however, the first of my list of graverobbers is dead, and shall bother Elanthians no more."

She refills her glass and peering closely around the room whispers in Baresh’ ear, "There are many on my list, but I am looking for one in particular more than the others…I supose you could say I have a personal vendetta." She slams her shot down, grimaces and whispers, "If you see Babii here, will ye please send word to me? She has stolen from many of our noble warriors graves."

Baresh nods to her as she fills her glass again and empties the bottle. Slamming her drink down she places 3 gold kronars on the bar and says, "Thank you again, friend Baresh."

Standing up slowly and wincing, she peers around the bar one last time before limping her way out the door. Baresh whispers, "Fare thee well, noble paladin."