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Posted by on 2004 Aug 3 |

Grishnok’s Escort to A Zoluren Dungeon

(357 Dolefaren 376)

It was a bit uneasy by the end of the day, however we came out on top. Much to the worry of all in Zoluren, for the day was won over rather easily. Although in communications with Magnoona revealed that “some big things were coming soon”. When I asked if that was a warning, she only wryly spoke, “I dunno, is it?”

On one of the first views was of The Great Tower in a Secluded Cell. Blank walls of stark white limestone enclosed the cell, lit brightly by the glow from numerous gaethzen spheres. A metal door, also white, waited in one corner, and a small grate in another, but they do nothing but accentuate the monotony of the surroundings. Ambassador Wyren, Viceroy Egolan, and Grishnok were there.At first Wyren and Egolan escorted Grishnok through a lot of Cyclops. As the journey progressed, others joined them. Kelpies were also seen around the area as well, what they have to do with the whole thing, I’m still unsure.

When I saw of Grishnok Kroan, a Goblin Assassin, I noticed his black eyes and stringy black hair. He has leathery green skin and an athletic build. He appeared mildly deformed with scars along the side of his neck. I could not even guess how old he is. there were cuts and bruises about his head, and he was wearing some iron shackles and some tattered robes.

I believe I like his erm.. new sporty bracelets he has on.

Reports told us that Drifter Nektol, Blasword, Yhaman, Ambassador Wyren, and Viceroy Egolan gathered in Shard with the prisonor for the exchange.

Commander Xixist led the way, and speedily ran through all attempts to free the captive Grishnok, and when we all made it to the Keep, our group cheered in elation when two guards swiftly approached Grishnok, cudgels extended menacingly as they eye him warily. The first guard suddenly dove at Grishnok, wrapping him up in his grip while the second one clubbed him over the head. They dragged Grishnok roughly away.

Afterwards, Zoranyl had what we think some final words with Grishnok within his cell.

Zoranyl later moved to the study in the keep, and at that point
I asked what to do about Magnoona, who was rather loosely running around Leth.
It was only after she got on the gondola,
that I get an order from the Opreina Moracul:

Zoranyl whispers, “Detain and arrest.”

Heh, well perhaps next time.

–Deverlain Blesshart