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Posted by on 2004 Jul 30 |

The Great Box Raffle Returns!

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Locksmith Union is hosting its 4th annual GREAT BOX RAFFLE! The Raffle entry will be from 6pm ET Friday, August 6th to Midnight ET Sunday, August 8th, by the counting of the Olde Calendar.
The Raffle is free to enter and boasts some incredible prizes, such as 500 platinum Kronars, an alteration, a personal locksmith for a week, a gath mysanda, and much more! And if you are a member of the Locksmith Union we need you to pop boxes – and you ALSO can win great prizes for participating!

Full details are available at

Each year we hold our raffle to remind everyone about our services and our designated locksmithing locations. This year we are going to expand the raffle to actually take place at 6 of our 8 locations, so now there will be a raffle location near you – and one person from each location will also win a 100 plat prize!

To enter the raffle simply bring locked and trapped boxes to Locksmith Union members at one of the six raffle locations (which are also our permanent designated picking spots). For each box we open you will receive one entry into the raffle, up to 50 entries. You can also get an entry for each master or grandmaster lockpick you purchase from Union members at or above the minimum lockpick price (each locksmith sets their own prices), up to 10 maximum lockpick entries. That is a maximum of 50 box entries and 10 lockpick entries for each person, regardless of what location you choose.

Here’s some unique features of this year’s raffle!
Raffle locations in each of our 6 regions!
A garaunteed 100 plat prize for each of our 6 regions
One ginormous grand prize – 500 plats!
Prizes for our locksmiths – each hour spent at a raffle spot gets an entry into the member-only raffle!
Limited number of entries per customer – 10 lockpick entries and 50 box entries for 60 max entries

The six raffle locations are:
Crossing: the pond at Town Green North
Riverhaven: One block southeast of the crate outside the hospital
Langenfirth: One block east of peccaries, in the SW part of town
Shard: Outside bank
Ratha: Bank atrium
Aesry: snow goblin fissure safe spot

For more details see a Union Member. We hope to see you soon for a wild weekend of box popping and prize winning – August 6th through August 8th!

Kraelyst the Hand
Union Rep