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Posted by on 2004 Oct 19 |

A call to those that would still fight.

(268 Moliko 377)

I have finished writing what you will now read a few days ago. I checked it multiple times, rereading it and making sure everything was as I wanted to say it…

Showing this might make me a target, depending on how succesful it becomes. It does not matter, however. It is the best way to reach as many people as I can… And I will take any risk I have to…I hope some of you will want to pursue the same dream, after reading those lines. If so… communicatre with me through Baresh…

May the gods watch over our paths.

Notes on Elota’i Ailirelitan’a
By Alexsei Krauser, Black Wing of Eylhaar

I. Foreword and Introduction
II. Goals and Philosophy of the Order
III. Organization
IV. Afterword

I. Foreword and Introduction
When I first started getting trained in the ways of the gods, one of my mentors told me a sentence I would never ever forget… He said, “Sometimes, the gods inspire us just by placing us in a certain situation – by touching things that will make the fire of passion rise in us, and appeal to us in such a way we will find ourselves taking actions we never really thought of before.” I can only vouch for the accuracy of this statement, now that I find myself writing these words.

I am Alexsei Krauser, servant of Eylhaar and soother of those about to walk the Starry Road. How I found myself in the position to write this, I do not fully know. I think necessity brings forth situations that one would not have thought of before – and I believe this is one of those situations.

This humble piece of writing will treat of the Elota’i Ailirelitan’a, the “Children of Tommorow”, which is a new order I am trying to put in place. You might wonder why such a thing would come into being, what would be it’s purpose, and why a human would give it a gerenshuge name… Let me just say for now it has to do with recent events, and about regaining what has been lost…

I am, of course, referring to the recent war with the Outcasts, and the condition it left Shard in. Why am I concerned, you say ? Why I, who is not really a citizen of Shard, would have somehting to do with this situation? There are many reasons for this. First of all, my dear wife and her sister are elothean, which put me in contact with their intriguing culture and of course, introduced me to Shard, the houses, the Ferdahl… And the state in which all of these is today which is, to say the least, shocking to me. Which is why I chose to use a Gerenshuge for the name of this order – to honor the elotheans, their culture… and those who died trying to preserve it. I chose to put this together to help restore Shard, and the elothean culture, to their former glory – and to give the crystal tower back to the elothan people.

I do this, because it is time for we who would fight for Shard to unite, and coordinate our efforts in order to make a difference…

I am Alexsei Krauser, and I am also one who will make sure the people remember the dead, and all that they have died for… And make sure they haven’t died in vain.

Come with me now, if you would tread my path…

II. Goals and Philosophy of the Order
Unfortunately, war is a bane that no intelligent race can boast no knowledge of. It scars the land and the people, and leaves marks that take a lot of time to heal…

The recent war with the Outcasts is no exception. Shard is now an open wound in the middle of Illithi, despite the appearances that the strorm has passed. Guards patrol the town constantly, weary of threats to the reign of their king, Raenilar. The elotheans that passed the Outcast checkpoint on their way to Shard to receive a passport can only attest of the unfair treatment Raenilar’s followers inflict upon them : Their passport is valid for a considerably shorter period of time, legally lasting for one day only when travelers of other races are given four days to go about their business. The Outcast are also a lot harsher and threatening for the elotheans, which makes Shard very inhospitable for them.. A very deplorable situation, considering this place was their very home…

Now, many would remember the order called the Fyearikloa’i Rensh’a – The thinkers of the people. This extraordinary order had taken upon itself to study the lore and history of Shard and Illithi, keeping its culture alive and sharing its infinite beauty and secrets with the people. The pursuit of knowledge is ever a noble goal, and even more so when one decides to share it with his brothers and sisters… The works of the Fyearikloa’i Rensh’a are truly astonishing, and have been invaluable in my quest for knowledge on Shard, the elotheans, Illithi…

It is also with great regret that I talk about this great order in the past tense, as the Thinkers of the People are now inactive, their members scattered… The disappearance of the great circle of scholars left a position that, in my opinion, it would be important to fill – even if only until the Fyearikloa’i Rensh’a are reborn from their ashes and continue their given duty… And this is what I strive to do. To continue to instruct, inform, and educate the people about Shard’s culture, traditions, and customs – but also working endlessly to its restotration, towards the reign of a new ferdahl, and the return of power to the elotheans.

Far from me the idea of taking what the Fyearikloa’i Rensh’a built for my own, or pretending I can do it better… That is not my purpose at all. I work for the people of Shard and Illithi, and to honor the wonderful culture of the elotheans… And those that died for it. That is why I do not seek to restore the Fyearikloa’i Rensh’a… This is something these people built, and it is theirs, and theirs alone.

Which is why I chose to create the Elota’i Ailirelitan’a – the Children of Tomorrow.

As of now, the Children have three main goals :

1. The Restoration of Shard, bringing the great city back to the elotheans and under the rule of a new ferdahl.
2. The protection of any Shard refugee that might be in danger since the war, or who seeks shelter from the present rulers.
3. The protection and propagation of elothean culture, as well as the education of the people concerning the war and its real consequences… Fighting ignorance is a priority..

Those are our reasons to exist. The reason why the Elota’i Ailirelitan’a came to be. and until the first one is fullfilled, the second one secured and the third one maintained, I will continue to go on and give everything I have to make these dreams come true, even if I am the only Children around.

Until then… The Elota’i Ailirelitan’a will continue to fight, no matter how small their numbers.

III. Organization
I do not overly enjoy this part of the planning, for I would like more to think of the Elota’i Ailirelitan’a as a group of people supporting each other to achieve a greater cause… But one must be realistic, and understand that an order such as this cannot survive without at least a bit of organization…

As such, looking at the needs of the Elota’i Ailirelitan’a in relation in what the order strives to accomplish, I have determined that there should be three major groups within the order, and that the three should be able to function independently, although cooperation will be one of our greatest assets. Each group would need to have one “leader”, who would be responsible of planning and organizing the diverse operations as decided by the order. These leaders would also be responsible of every person under them, and would have to ensure the security of their fellow children.

The three subdivisions I envision would be as such:

The Watchful Wind : The Watchful Wind would be the ones responsible for information gathering, message transmitting between the various members, and the such. Thus, this group would be in need of those capable of walking among the enemy unnoticed, of listening when people are not suspectingbut also those capable of traveling great distances quickly and tracking down and finding specific people, for example. The Watchful Wind will be the eyes and ears of the order, but alos its nervous system, making the contact between the various members across Elanthia possible.

The Enlightened Murmur: The Enlightened Murmur would be composed mainly of the scholars who would have the responsabilility to research the elotheans’s and Illithi’s history and customs, and to share their findings with the people. They would also fill the roles of thinkers and diplomats, and would be the voice of the order should it be needed. Should we ever come across orphans or other children refugees seeking refuge, the Enlightened Murmur would aslo be responsible to take care and educate the children. The Enlightened Murmur would be our voice and our brain, negotaiting and educataing along the way, for knowledge is a great weapon, and as its wielder we have a great responsability towards the people.

The whisper of Steel: The Whisper of steel would be the defenders, our guardians and our protectors. I would like to say we are peaceful, and will accomplish our mission without any need to raise weapons… I am a peaceful man myself, and would love to be able to do as such… But once again, one must be realistic. There will be danger. There may be armed conflict. And in these moments, it is on the Whisper of Steel we would fall back… They would also be responsible for escorting members of the other groups on their various missions, and to protect any refugees or resident of Shard person seeking asylum… The Whisper of Steel would be our arm, and our sword to strike if needed.

I am a devout believer on democracy, even though there are some who say true democracy is impossible and as such the concept is flawed. As such, I believe each member should have an output and his right to expess his or her feelings about the order and the direction it takes… Meetings will be held within the inner circle, people that will be chose as representatives to the leadership of the Children. The leaders of the groups will also be chosen by the members, and will become a part of the Inner Circle. It will be the responsibility of the leaders to take suggestions from the people under him or her, and transmit it to the Circle.

I do not want to go into too much strict rulings and policies. The order is based on the desire to help, and will not be too restrictive as to actions of its members… There will be one rule, however. Any action taken by a member that would endanger the other members, parts of the Elota’i Ailirelitan’a, or the goals of the order will not be tolerated. Such actions should be dealt with in an appropriate manner depending on the action.

IV. Afterword
Here, you have outlined, in a short text, my dream for Shard.

Will I succeed ? Only time will tell.

But this is my vision. I have seen in Shard, in the peaceful people that are the elotheans, and in Illithi, a cause worthy of fighting for. For the sheer love of this rich culture… And in rememberance of those taht departed to preserve it. People that fought in the war. Patriots, that died fighting the Outcasts. the great late ferdahl, lady Kukakalai. For all these people that have come before and have departed, but also for those that are witnessing the consequences of the war now, for the children, and those yet to be born…

Because no one else we do it, people of the realms must become the children of today, to ensure that there will be a tomorrow for these ones… I will walk this path, and I will not give up.

And what about you, who have read this through to the end ?

Will you walk this path with me ?

– Alexsei Krauser
246 Moliko 377