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Posted by on 2004 Oct 22 |

Ichor Rats and Pirates Prove Fatal Diversion

(281 Skullcleaver 377)

As I write this, the Crossing is cleaning up from a nasty run-in with disease-spreading ichor rats and pirates.

At one point, pirates were attacking the rats. Remember, if you ever encounter one of these kind of rats, kill it, but do not search it, or you can catch a terrible, most of the time fatal, disease. Even being around when they decay is enough to infect you.So it is best not to tarry wherever a corpse of an ichor rat is.

At the same time, an attempt was made on some of the guests of Zoluren at Ul’Hawf Keep. Someone in all dark colors backstabbed Endsalka and Sidune, Candidates of the Ilithi People for the office of Ferdahl.

Presumably the guests at the Keep were the main targets and the chaos in the Crossing just the diversion.

The pirate wench, Magnoona, was near the Crossing at the time, we could hear her thoughts. Professing all innocence, of course.