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Posted by on 2005 Jun 9 |

Addlestone’s Bridge

(Shard, Ilithi — 399 Nissa 379)

Dear Friends:

As you may know by now, the Outcasts have left Shard and taken their assassins and guards with them. To celebrate, a well-known resident of the province has started a project to repair the bridge leading out the south gate of the city.
Now, the said south bridge has always been hazardous, and not just because of the trolls either. Addlestone has never been happy with that. So, he personally is collecting diamonds to decorate with, and there is a pile just within the south gate to hold bricks, pipes, trowels, and ropes. The said pile is already sizable through the efforts of many donors, but rebuilding a bridge is a large project, and building it to last is even larger.

As a side note, Deagol told me that he wishes to build a shrine to Kertigen on the bridge.

So, with much applause to these two gentlemen, let us help them get what they need so Shard can be as it should be!

By my hand, Ryeka Wolfsdaughter of Damaris