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Posted by on 2005 Jun 9

Addlestone’s Bridge

(Shard, Ilithi — 399 Nissa 379) Dear Friends: As you may know by now, the Outcasts have left Shard and taken their assassins and guards with them. To celebrate, a...

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Posted by on 2005 Jun 1

Visions; A lesson learned?

(368 Nissa 379) Last night visions were received by moon mages throughout the provinces. I was in attendance as one kind mage shared what she had seen in the stars....

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Posted by on 2005 May 29

Prince Vorclaf Sees Raenilar

(349 Dolefaren 379) After leaving Morganae’s Court, Prince Vorclaf went to Shard to speak to Raenilar. And yes, the Prince was still alone at this meeting. The...

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Posted by on 2005 May 20

The Queens Gambit

(321 Dolefaren 379) The shadewatch mirror found Queen Morganae in her Garden with her Captain Herrick as an interesting visitor was ushered in. Evidently, as you will...

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Posted by on 2005 May 12

Bard Boat Fund Concert

(289 Skullcleaver 379) I don’t know about you, Baresh, but I know I’ll be at the Half Pint tomorrow night for the Bard’s boat fund concert. It looks...

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Posted by on 2005 May 5

So It Begins…Again?

(260 Moliko 379)The township of Riverhaven was attacked by those we know as the Outcasts today. According to reports, they had gated in at the River West...

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Posted by on 2005 May 2

An Unusual Upbringing

5 Lirisa 359 — Kaerna Village, Prydaen Home Eleven pairs of amber eyes watched quietly from a small bedroom as the midwife entered their house. She was lying...

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Posted by on 2005 May 2

Visions of Darkness

(232 Arhat 379) An overwhelming set of visions made themselves clear in the skies this day. Here is what I saw, decide as you will what they might mean…A tattered...

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Posted by on 2005 May 1

Newswire Addition

(244 Moliko 379) Today you will find a new addition to the Wren’s Nest — the DR-Newswire. This will be official postings from the Guardian Mages, and, by...

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