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Posted by on 2005 May 7 |

Plague Ravages the Crossing as Naarg Attacks

(260 Moliko 379)

Widespread disease had spread over the Crossing with lethal results. The disease is so virulent that before much time has passed, you could literally be losing hunks of your skin.

Making matters worse, there were people who seemed to be spreading it on purpose! Estius and a companion were going to every guild and tarrying there, coughing and exposing the people there to this awful disease.Another report of someone named Lethvo was going around to where people gathered and exposing them to this awful illness.

Late in the night, about the experienced empaths of the city were finally getting a grip on how to heal this plague (but there were still many victims, living and dead) Naarg shows up outside the West Gates of the city and a full-on attack followed. And more people died from his forces.

Reports indicated he headed for the Keep again.

One can only hope someone coughed on Naarg.