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Posted by on 2005 Apr 2 |

Undead Assault Crossing Gates – Again

(125 Shorka 379 – The Crossing, Zoluren)

A cry went out over the gwethdesuan, “Death Spirits at the Northeast Gate!”

And the city was plunged into action. Everyone around me grabbed a weapon, put on their armor, and headed to the northern gates within a roisaen. Clerics were blessing weapons, and those who knew they would be needed for triage and to care for the dead were headed to the usual stations.Death spirits of all kinds, ghouls, and greater skeletons attacked at both the northern gates for almost 2 anlaen. Many brave heroes died from awful wounds of the ones that carried crossbows.

The night before there had been an attack of undead, as well.

Nobody knows why the attacks have been coming, but as the last foe was slain at this one, there was a loud eerie howl of a tortured soul fading into the night. A chill wind blew through the area before warming slightly. The sounds of the city began to quiet once more.