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Posted by on 2013 May 26 | 1 comment

A Telling Decision

He paces by the cluttered counter and smiles back at the Elven florist for what might be the tenth time when he is suddenly struck with the thought that he is thinking too much.  He had come to this shop with such a simple intention, but now finds himself plagued by indecision.  Did it really matter what time of year it was?  Would she even remember how long it had been since their last meeting?  He knows very well the meanings that can be derived from the subtleties of choice, but he is unsure whether she is the type of person to notice them.

He is unsure about many things when it comes to her.  He arrived here without any expectations, so he cannot claim to be disappointed, or even pleasantly surprised.  He had only known that she could exist, and that thought had been enough to propel him through any and all obstacles on his search for her.  Now that he finds himself at her side, he is faced with the frustrating realization that he does not know her at all.  The only thing he does know is that she is unmistakably… her.

After an exchange of Kronars and pleasantries he turns to stroll out into the night, his meticulously selected purchase tucked safely in the breast of his cloak.  Whether it amounts to a trifling gesture received with careless appreciation, or a discerning token that speaks of something deeper remains to be seen.

Ariano Estalarin

1 Comment

  1. unmistakably… her. 🙂